EA Shows Frostbite’s Next-Gen Hair Rendering for PS5 and Next Xbox

In a recent tech demo, Electronic Arts displayed how hair-rendering will improve in future releases for next-gen consoles using their Frostbite engine.

Electronic Arts has shown the first glimpses of what the next generation of consoles will be able to produce. Using its in-house Frostbite engine, the publisher displayed what it will be able to accomplish with its hair rendering technology in future games. It is very clear that with this technology, EA will be able to produce better hair textures and lighting for their games on next-gen consoles.

The 28-second clip shows a model walking and the camera showing how the hair looks from behind. Unlike some games where hair trails behind the character, this video shows how each strand of hair seems to move independently, rising and falling with each step the model takes. The hair also bounces realistically based on the movement of their torso and calmly falls on their shoulders. EA has also said that the rendering system can also handle different colors with accuracy. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve seen hair physics demoed before, this clip has shown the most realistic physics so far.

Hair physics have been a problem in video games for years. Even the most popular games have had issues with hair physics breaking a player’s immersion within the overall experience due to unnatural movement. However, it seems that EA has fixed the issue with their Frostbite engine, which has previously been used to create many of their top titles, such as Battlefield, FIFA, Anthem and the Star Wars Battlefront series.

EA has shown what it has in store for the future with its Frostbite engine. This has also shown that the next generation of consoles will have major leaps in terms of graphics. The future is looking bright and glossy for hair in video games.

What do you think of EA’s hair tech demo?