Telltale Games Are Being Removed From GOG

Telltale Games are being removed from GOG. Players won’t be able to purchase some titles from the store as from 27 May.

Telltale Games hasn’t had any luck since announcing its foreclosure last year. Not only did the shutdown see The Walking Dead’s final season put in jeopardy but now it seems that the former developer’s acclaimed titles are also being removed from multiple digital storefronts.

GOG recently revealed that certain popular Telltale titles, including The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands and the Sam & Max series, will no longer be available for purchase from the store as from 27 May. Reasons for de-listing remain unclear, but it may be due to the new rights holder not having a distribution agreement with the digital storefront. Representatives from GOG have stated that players who purchased the games prior to them being de-listed will still be able to access them through their library. 

This isn’t the first instance of a Telltale Games‘ title being removed from a digital storefront. Tales from the Borderlands is already no longer available for purchase on Steam, along with some other titles, such as Back to the Future and Jurassic Park: The Game and Tales of Monkey Island. The reason provided behind these removals was to help the former developer liquidate their assets.

The removal of Tales of from the Borderlands is somewhat surprising though as it has been confirmed that Borderlands 3’s story will include characters from the Telltale title. All hope is not lost with regards to the game returning to stores though. 2K (the publisher of the core Borderlands franchise) has stated that they are working on restoring the game to digital storefronts.

It’s a shame that many of these games aren’t going to be available for purchase anymore as some of these games are really great titles. Thus far, there haven’t been any announcements about movements on the Epic Games Store nor on the PS Store or the Xbox One store. However, it may just be a matter of time before Telltale’s great legacy in the video game industry is gone for good.

How do you feel about the removal of Telltale titles from GOG? Have you played any of them?