THQ Nordic Has Nearly 50 Unrevealed Games In Development

THQ Nordic has nearly 50 games unannounced in development across all of their studios. The publisher is expected to reveal two new titles at E3 this year.

THQ Nordic has recently teased that they will be showing two unannounced games at this year’s E3. However, according to a recent report, these two projects aren’t the only ones in development. During a recent financial report, the publisher revealed that their studios are working on close to 50 different games. The publisher also stated that they expect to have 80 games in development by March 2020.

Overall, the report stated that the publisher has signed onto multiple new projects. It’s unknown what these games are but a few due have some details attached. We do know that the two titles that will be announced at E3 2019 may be from one of their many beloved franchises, such as Red Faction, Darksiders, or Alone in The Dark. In addition to this, the report revealed that one project will be developed by 4A Games (the famed developers of the Metro franchise.)

Over the past few years, THQ Nordic has bought many different developers and licenses. Although 80 may seem like a ridiculous number of games to have in development, it is quite plausible when this is taken into consideration, especially, given the publisher’s seemingly ongoing winning streak.

The recently released Metro Exodus proved to be the publisher’s largest ever launch and has already recouped all its costs. The publisher also recently acquired Piranha Bytes, the development studio behind games such as Gothic, Risen and Elex, along with Coffee Stain Studios, who are the developers behind Goat Simulator and the much talked about Satisfactory

Things seem to be looking good for THQ Nordic. However, only time will tell whether the publisher’s unannounced games will reach the heights of Metro Exodus and Satisfactory. Here’s to hoping that they do.

What games do you think THQ Nordic will announce in the future?