Marvel Legends: The Punisher Review

Frank Castle (The Punisher) is one of those anti-heroes that everyone loves. From his ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’ attitude to his brutal and gory methods of taking out bad guys, people love him. So, when I got my hands on the Walgreens Exclusive Punisher by Marvel Legends, I was quite excited not only because this was my first Marvel Legend but because this figure had a certain style to it that other Punisher figures don’t have.


The Packaging


Punisher comes in the standard Marvel Legends box with a slick design and broad window packaging to display the figure as well as all his guns and interchangeable head. The top has a very nice Skull Logo, while the back has a write-up, product shot and the other characters in this wave, while the sides have some artwork.

I ordered this from Amazon and I’d say the way they sent it did disappoint me. Being the first item I have ever bought from them I am not impressed with how they sent this figure. Although it only took half a week, they put it in a flimsy paper bag so the box had holes and cracks in it. The box is pretty standard so I’m not too worried about it but I can’t help but wonder what the case would be for future orders where the box is more unique and part of the collection like a NECA Ultimate figure. But that is not the figure’s fault but it is something to take into consideration when ordering it.

The Figure


I’m really impressed by the way this figure looks. His paint is so on point and despite being black and white, he stands out in any picture I take of him. There are a few quality control issues as mine came with some sloppy white paint in the left eye of the skull but it was easy to fix with black paint of my own. The harness is especially nice because it really stands out from the black and white colour scheme on the rest of the figure. It adds character to him and makes him look more menacing than he already is. It does feel like it can come off somehow as it is a separate piece on his body but I’m worried it will tear if I try to take it off. I wouldn’t want to anyway as the harness just adds so much to this figure. His belt has a nice wash over it with sculpted pouches. The golden shells add some bright colour to his overall deco as well.



91DRdyYPNOLThe head sculpt that comes on the figure is a very nice, angry looking face with a white bandanna around his head. It reminds me of Rambo but this is clearly inspired by The Punisher: War Journal comics by Carl Potts and Jim Lee.

The figure does have a very odd drawback and maybe it’s just me but his natural stance makes him look a little constipated. I’m not sure if it’s the grenades on the harness or the harness itself of just this body mould but his arms naturally fan out a little which gives off that look. The soles of his feet are terrible though. They have this odd curve in them, which causes him to be off balance. I often just use wires to keep him standing in photos, while I’m lucky he hasn’t fallen off my shelf yet.

20190316_145836Another gripe would be with his second head, or rather, how it fits on his neck but at least default bandanna head fits him perfectly and looks amazing. But there are issues with the second head that I’ll dive into over at the accessories section.

Punisher stands at a little over 6.5 inches/15cm. He fits in scale with NECA’s much larger 7 inch Robocop though is a little taller than the standard 6 inch Star Wars The Black Series figure.



The Punisher comes with:

  • Two interchangeable heads
  • A shotgun
  • A Rocket Launcher
  • And a Light Machine Gun


20190316_150235Two heads are always better than one. The one that comes with already attached to the ball joint on the figure is my favourite as it has a snarl that shows his teeth and his bright blue eyes stand out while the bandanna is just a nice touch that calls back to those old 80’s action movies.

The second head is a neutral head with no bandanna but some sunken eyes and a slight beard. It looks like he’s really tired or drawn out, which adds a nice option expression wise. Sadly, this is the head that looks weird on him given the long neck. At some angles, it isn’t too bad but it’s there. The other head’s bandanna draws attention away from the neck but it is painfully obvious with this head on.


The Shotgun is a simple white shotgun with a gold stripe around the drum magazine. It fits well in his hand and other than that there isn’t too much to it. His hand is not sculpted to have a trigger finger so holding his guns can look a little odd.

The Rocket Launcher is nicely detailed and coloured. It has a peg that fits into a peg hole in his back so one could just have him wear it on his back for added effect. The lack of a trigger finger is annoying across all his guns but especially the rocket launcher.

The Light Machine Gun has been done so well. It’s big, long and bulky, meaning it looks exactly as it should. There is even a little handle on top of it for him to hold onto. As far as weapons go, this figure has an arsenal.



The range of movement on this guy is pretty standard. His head can turn and look up and down. His shoulders rotate, though you have to watch those grenades on the one side. Bicep swivel with a double jointed elbow though muscles get in the way of that and a hinge and swivel at the wrist. He has an AB-crunch that doesn’t break his Chest Skull’s sculpt as there is a flap in front of the articulated point that is coloured to the skull as well as colour behind the flap.

He can rotate at the waist while his legs can spread a decent amount. Swivel at the upper thigh. Double jointed knee though muscular legs hinder it. Boot cut which allows swivel action and a hinge at the ankle with some ankle pivot. But the soles on his feet do cause balancing issues.


Final Thoughts

This is a good figure. Though it does have issues, it captures what I like about The Punisher. He has a lot of big weapons and his iconic outfit is captured nicely with this figure. I’m okay with the long neck and odd stance. I’m just a bit annoyed at the soles on his shoes. But overall, he is well worth searching for on Amazon.


  • Good Sculpt
  • Nice accessories
  • Harness really adds character
  • Standard articulation


  • Odd neutral stance
  • Long neck
  • Soles of his feet are a hassle

You can order The Walgreens exclusive Punisher here