The Epic Games Store May Block Accounts for Buying Too Many Games At Once

The Epic Games Store may block your account if you buy too many games at once.

The Epic Games Store launched back in December and, since then, the digital marketplace has had to learn to adapt to the new space quickly. Though it offers a greater revenue split for developers, there has being many controversies surrounding the new store, including email fraud, conflict with rival Steam and exclusive game uproars. Now, it seems that there is new issue, as it appears that the latest “Mega” Sale has seen accounts blocked for buying a large number of games in a short space of time.

The Epic Games Store “Mega” Sale is currently offering gamers a $10 discount on any game that costs you at least $14.99. This led many people to taking advantage of the deal by grabbing as many games as quickly as they can. Some users later noticed that after purchasing a large number of games in a short period of time, your risk of being blocked from the store increased. Epic Games has responded to the issue by stating that this is possibly due to the measures they implement to safeguard against fraudulent activity.

The publisher’s PR department further commented on the issue stating that they employ aggressive fraud rules in their store, and that anyone trying to buy too many games at once will run into the issue. They advised that anyone looking to pick up a few games on the sale may need to contact customer support.

However, this isn’t the first problem the sale has had since it went live last week. One of the stores most high-profile exclusives, Borderlands 3, has been removed temporarily from the store. This was due to pre-orders were unintentionally offered at a discounted price during the sale. This has left Borderlands 3 unavailable for pre-order on PC for the time being.

Though the Epic Games Store has had some problems over the last few months, the publisher will have to work through them if they want to become a viable threat to Steam. The store continues to push partnering with as many developers as possible and in the long term they may improve their features going forward. For now though, be wary of buying too many games at once.

Have you being affected by the Epic Games Store bug and what games have you bought from the sale?