Capcom Developer Wants to Release a Sequel to the DMC: Devil May Cry Reboot

A Capcom developer has recently revealed a desire to release a sequel to the 2013 DMC: Devil May Cry reboot.

Although Devil May Cry 5 was recently just released to critical acclaim, one Capcom developer has stated that they would like to release a sequel to the 2013 DmC: Devil May Cry reboot in future. If fans of the series remember correctly, the game was heavily criticised on release with many highlighting problems with the redesign of Dante and the game not continuing the franchise’s original story.

The developer stated that they would “love” to make a sequel to the reboot originally developed by Ninja Theory, as the game had an amazing style and substance to it. Whether or not this would actually be possible, is unclear at the moment. Ninja Theory was recently acquired by Microsoft making it somewhat harder to get the developer to return for a sequel. If a sequel was to be produced, there’s no doubt that Microsoft would want it to be a console-exclusive title for Xbox.

This news does come as a surprise as DmC was rejected by many fans and even failed to meet Capcom’s sales expectations. The reaction led to the plans for a sequel being scrapped and focus being turned to Devil May Cry 5. Sales figures from June 2018 stated that DmC sold a total of 2.4 million copies, which was far below the numbers of it’s predecessor: Devil May Cry 4. However, the recently released Devil May Cry 5 has been a massive success for the publisher, having already sold over 2 million copies since its March release date.

If Capcom is able strike a deal between Microsoft and Ninja Theory, a DmC reboot sequel may be possible. Even if the parties aren’t able to agree on a deal, the publisher may still be able to make another game within the universe. With the franchise proving to be a sales hit once again, Capcom would not want to miss a chance to jump on the opportunity.

Would you like to see a DmC sequel in the future?