Rumour: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leaks Details

New Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak details combat, release, demo and so much more. Read only if you don’t care about spoilers.

Since the Final Fantasy 7 Remake update revealed a new trailer, it has many fans searching for as many details as they can find on the title. Details have been scarce and many wait for the announcement of a release date. The new leak comes from a post on Reddit by a user claiming to information from Square Enix. The post was quickly deleted but some users were able to capture some of the information. The “leak” reveals quite a lot about the game, including combat, characters and much more.

Note the following details can be viewed as spoilers for the game and players who would like to enter the game blind should turn back now.

The leak suggests that the game will release in two parts. Part one will end when Aerith is let down the water after her death and, will then fade to black. It also suggests that each part will cost $59.99. Tifa’s design will remain true to the original, Sephiroth will be shown in glances, Yuffie and Vincent aren’t optional characters and will be added to the player’s party at certain moments.

It also revealed information about the world map and locations you’ll find, with it claiming that the over-world map is almost seamless. Vehicles will also assist in navigating the world map with the Tiny Bronco working as it did in the original game. The leak also revealed details about the game’s towns with it stating that each town is unique. It also claims that Shinra Headquarters will have fewer floors but players will be able to explore more on each floor than they were able to in the original. The Materia will also be changed and will be visible on almost every weapon. Equipped weapons will be displayed on the character model.

The leak also suggests that there will be a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo on the show floor at E3 2019. It went on further to state that the demo will also be available on PS4 for those who own PlayStation Plus immediately after E3. All of this should be taken with grain of salt but with the extent of details included in the leak, it may be true. Hopefully, there may be more news at E3 2019. You can read all the details of the leak here.

What do think of the leak and are you more excited for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake now?