Report: Red Dead Online Performing Better than GTA Online

A recent Take-Two Interactive warning call has revealed that Red Dead Online is performing better than GTA Online did in the same period.

Red Dead Online was not as well received as Red Dead Redemption 2’s story mode was upon release. The flow of content has been slow and the game has been plagued with a load of bugs and performance issues since launch. Many players have since left the online experience for other games but despite this, it still has a hardcore community behind it.

Many players have long forgotten that GTA Online also had a hard time getting it’s footing in the beginning but is now the most profitable game of all-time. Although both have had their fair share of problems, it seems that Red Dead Online is performing better than GTA Online at this stage of its lifecycle. During a recent earnings call, Take-Two Interactive revealed as much. Now, it’s not clear how Take-Two is measuring this performance. The publisher hasn’t revealed if it has made more money from the game or whether it has a larger active player base, or even both.

Red Dead Online has also been in beta since release and will be launching fully this week. Alongside it’s release, Rockstar will also be releasing a huge update for the game. It will add many new game modes and free roam activities to the experience. Hopefully, it will also fix many of the problems that the service has suffered from. Take-Two Interactive has stated it is hoping to bring more players into the game and entice old players that have left to come back.

Red Dead Online may seem dead but with launch imminent, this may breathe new life into the game.

Are you excited about Red Dead Online coming out of beta?