Red Dead’s Not Dead, Baby!

Red Dead Online will be getting a whole load of new additions soon. Which new addition is the most exciting?


RDR 2 2

Has everyone forgotten what the term “beta” means these days?

To be fair, with so many Triple-A games coming out in a pre-alpha state these days, it’s understandable why gamers get frustrated when a game has considerably fewer features than what was expected. Red Dead Redemption 2 delivered a fantastic single-player experience and many were hoping Red Dead Online would deliver at least something as equally fun and engaging but when it launched one thing was clear, it was lacking. Which is why Rockstar Games kept reminding us that this was a beta meant to work out the kinks, as to avoid the messy launch of GTA Online all those years ago, but as time went on so did players’ expectations and a few unsatisfied YouTubers didn’t help the community either.

“Red Dead’s dead,” they’d say. So far, I have seen only one of these many Youtubers take back what they said and admit they were wrong.

Because Red Dead’s not dead, baby. *spurs horse*

RDR2 5

We all knew an update was inbound but I for one didn’t expect it to drop yesterday. I had just logged onto Instagram and briefly saw a post from Rockstar Games, it was a thumbnail of a video that then vanished as my feed refreshed so I went to their profile and watched the video. New story missions were shown, the much-welcomed addition of Poker as well as the highly anticipated LeMat Revolver. All of this got me excited but also a little sad that I’d probably see a June release date at the end of the trailer but nope! The update was live!

It was while the game updated that I really got excited. After reading through the patch notes, which have made about 400 fixes and adjustments to the game, as well as including a much needed passive mode in the guise of a “defensive mode” to combat annoying griefers, as well as completely changing the headshot meta that got a little annoying. Previously, I read a post about what’s to come and after a moment of losing my mind I was left with more excitement and some questions.

RDR 2 3

Not only have they added the highly requested poncho (I myself might have spammed them about that on their feedback page) but they have added Dynamic Events which I haven’t experienced yet but judging from their description it acts like it did in the single-player mode. These random encounters with NPCs either in need or in greed will occur as players explore the frontier. All of this sounds like it’ll add a whole lot of much-needed depth to the online world. Rockstar Games have also mentioned their plans for the intermediate future of the online experience…

RDR2 4

Soon players will be able to take up roles within the world of Red Dead Online. These being the Bounty Hunter, Trader and Collector roles and according to the description one important detail is, “The first three of a series of new roles.” I have so many questions. Bounty Hunting and Trading are both pretty straight forward and I’ve been saying they should add those things since day one but I’m aloof as to what the Explorer role could be. They mention searching for treasure and exotic items to sell as a collector but could this be linked to the various Easter Eggs scattered around the map? Like the Bigfoot skeleton or the moving statues in the mountains? I’m curious to see how that plays out in future and to see the next set of roles to be revealed. Maybe we could work on a farm? Herd cattle or sheep while shooting cattle rustlers? What if other players are the cattle rustlers? Just a thought and I can’t help but wonder what the future of this online mode holds. Though I am still holding a candle for an Undead Nightmare 2 story-driven DLC as are many players.

RDR 2 1

With the tumbleweeds, all rolled out of the way Red Dead Online’s future is looking bright and the players can’t help but feel like the tired old prospector that has finally struck gold.

You can read about all the about it on the Rockstar Games site.