Netflix Witcher Series Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Netflix’s Witcher TV series release date may just have been leaked.

Netflix’s highly anticipated live action Witcher series has been in production for some time. It will release sometime this year and will allow us to see The Witcher world come to life. 

It seems though that a site called Recapped may have leaked the release date for the series. Recapped, which has accurately leaked news of the show in the past, has suggested the show will debut on December 20, 2019. They also claim that The Witcher has also already been green lit for a second season, which is currently expected to begin filming in December 2019 or January 2020. This may be true as reports say that Netflix is really happy about the show and has high expectations for it.

Accurate previously leaked by Recapped, include castings and that the show was in development in general. This makes the leak seem even more likely to be correct. The Witcher series, which is based on a book franchise of the same name, gained a large cult following after the release of three critically-acclaimed video games. To date, the video game series has sold over 33 million copies. This has brought much fame to not only the video games, but to the book series as well.

However, it seems that fans who are excited about the series may have to wait awhile before Netflix will say anything about it. The streaming giant is prone to releasing information about their shows very close to release dates. This means news of the show may only come in November or December if the leak is true.

Are you excited about the show and do you hope it’s a success for the future?