Rocksteady May Have Leaked They are Working on a Justice League Game

Rumor: A recent tweet suggests that Batman: Arkham developer, Rocksteady, may be working on a Justice League game.

For years now, many have been wondering what Rocksteady Studios has been up to. Ever since putting an end to their Batman Arkham trilogy with Batman Arkham Knight back in 2015, Rocksteady has been quiet giving no updates on whatever they have being working on. This hasn’t stopped fans from speculating on their next work though.

Many fans believe that Rocksteady will stay within the world of DC Comics but with a different hero. The latest rumor comes from one of their newly acquired members in the Quality Assurance department. They tweeted a picture of the Justice League with a hashtag Rocksteady. Though the tweet was quickly taken down and replaced with something else.

This isn’t the only rumor that’s comes in recent years with the first rumors reporting that Rocksteady was working on an open world Superman game but that was quickly shot down. Then, more rumors popped up again that they were working on a Justice League game and that was also shot down. The most recent rumor that came around is that they may be working on a Suicide Squad game, but this remains unconfirmed.

Many want Rocksteady to continue their work with DC Comics characters as they ushered in a new era for superhero games. With their experience, they can surely bring any superhero to the heights of the Arkham series.

Do believe the rumors and what superhero game do you want Rocksteady to work on?

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