Ghost Recon Breakpoint Will Not Be on Steam at Launch

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will not be available on Steam at launch. PC players will only be able to purchase the game through the Epic Games Or UPlay stores.

Ubisoft recently announced a sequel to popular Ghost Recon Wildlands game titled Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint. This comes as a shock as Wildlands is still a popular game. Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch on 4 October 2019 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Though PC player’s digital release will be limited to two platforms and one of them won’t be Steam.

As Ubisoft’s previous titles, Ghost Recon Breakpoint will be released through their Uplay service. The game will also be released on the controversial Epic Games Store as opposed to Steam. Ubisoft hasn’t made a comment on why they went this route.

The Epic Games store has been in huge contention with Steam ever since it launched and has being a main competitor for the digital space on PC. The Epic Games Store has being under scrutiny though for making it exclusive deals and forcing players to use their platform with recent games like Metro Exodus. These action have come under fire in the past. Epic Games’ CEO has stated that they will stop pursing their exclusivity deals if Valve would take a smaller cut of the sales when selling games. It will most likely never happen and it’s not certain if Ubisoft will bring their titles to the platform.

However gamers choose to get Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch across platforms except Steam. There is very little known about the title other than it will launch with five character classes, multiple endings and have raids. For the meantime, players can have a go at Ghost Recon Wildlands, which recently received an update called Operation Oracle, with a character that looks much like the Punisher.

How do feel about Ghost Recon: Breakpoint not being available on Steam and will you be picking the game up on PC?

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