Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets New Trailer After 4 Years

The Final Fantasy VII Remake debuted its first trailer in 4 years during PlayStation’s State of Play conference last night.

Yesterday, PlayStation had their second State of Play stream where they gave various updates about upcoming games. The stream lasted only ten minutes and at the end of stream, Square Enix made a surprise appearance with a new trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII remake.

The remake was first announced all the way back at E3 2015 to much fanfare. This was then followed up by a trailer at PSX later that year. Since then, the game has gone dark until yesterday when a trailer pop up during PlayStation’s State of Play. The trailer, though short, shows a little more gameplay, with Square Enix promising more to come in June.

Final Fantasy VII has been in development hell since its announcement back at E3 2015. It was first set to be developed by third party studio, CyberConnect2, It was then moved to “in-house development” by Square Enix. Square also said that the game will be released in an episodic format to ensure that no content is cut. They would also be adding new characters and sequences to fit a modern game. Currently, Final Fantasy VII is in development for PS4 only. Square Enix hasn’t said if there are other ports planned for Xbox One, Switch and PC.

With this teaser trailer, renewed hope has been given to fans that development is finally back on track. With further information coming in June, fans are hoping that an actual release date will be released soon. You can watch the full State of Play here.

How excited are you about Final Fantasy VII resurfacing and do you still care for this remake?

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