New PlayStation State of Play coming this week with Focus on MediEvil Remake

PlayStation’s Next State of Play will focus on the upcoming MediEvil Remake. Are you excited to see what’s in store?

Yesterday, Sony announced their second State of Play, which will provide an update on a variety of upcoming PlayStation games similar to a Nintendo Direct. The State of Play will take place on 9th May, which is this Thursday, and will include the announcement of a brand new game. It will also feature an “extended look” at the MediEvil Remake. You can watch the State of Play here.

The MediEvil Remake was announced back in 2017 at Sony’s PSX. The announcement came as a shock with Shawn Layden stating that the game will very much be a remake and not a remaster, meaning it will be built from the ground up. For those that don’t recall, MediEvil is an action-adventure hack and slash game released and followed the adventure of Sir Daniel Fortesque. The game released on the PlayStation One in 1998 and was followed by a sequel in 2000.

Though the series was loved it remained dormant until 2005 when a remake was released on the PSP titled “MediEvil Resurrection” which was a re-imagining of the first game. MediEvil would pop back up with a trailer for the remake showing the new engine and game play. MediEvil is still slated for a 2019 release with a release date announcement eminent.

Sony started their State of Play streams on March 25th as a way to give news and updates on upcoming PlayStation games due to them not being at E3 2019. The live-stream was a little disappointing as it was mainly VR focused and didn’t announce any new games. Here’s hoping that the new State of Play will be something memorable. You can watch the previous State of Play here .

Are you excited about the MediEvil Remake and what are you expecting from the new State of Play?