Did Hideo Kojima Tease Another Metal Gear Solid Game?

Hideo Kojima may have just teased a new Metal Gear Solid game. Is an official announcement soon to follow?

It’s been almost four years since the last Metal Gear Solid game was flooded with praise from fans, players, and critics alike after it came smashing into the market. So, it’s only natural that fans have been sizzling in anticipation for the next game in this beloved series. The future of the franchise, however, has looked gloomy and uncertain ever since the Metal Gear series creator and director Hideo Kojima split with developer and publisher Konami. But it looks like a very pleasant surprise may be inbound as the long wait for Metal Gear Solid V’s successor might soon be coming to an end, at least, according to some diehard fans.

Fans began speculating that an announcement for a new Metal Gear Solid game is around the corner after Kojima tweeted an image of a song titled “Elegia” (by New Order), with a simple caption that reads “Good morning.” Take a look at the tweet below.

Although to most fans it just seemed like Kojima was recommending a song he liked, the tweet sparked speculation amongst hardcore fans because they recognized it. The song had been featured in the 6-minute long trailer for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain way back at E3 2015. Some fans believe that Kojima’s tweet was a deliberate tease; others, not so much. Knowing Kojima’s history, it’s more likely that he was teasing – not Metal Gear related information, but the fans of the beloved franchise. Another element to consider is that there hasn’t been any concrete information to confirm that Kojima is, in fact, working on another Metal Gear game because the IP is still owned by Konami (which he no longer works for).

In truth, after the debacle that was the disappointing Metal Gear Survive (the first Metal Gear title created sans Kojima), the future of the whole Metal Gear franchise came into question. Since Survive, there have been no circulating rumors about Konami working on a new title in the series, leading many to speculate that the franchise may even be headed to its end. At this point, the whole Metal Gear franchise seems to be hanging by a thread.