Rumour: Left 4 Dead 3 Trailer Leaked?

A Left 4 Dead 3 trailer has allegedly leaked online. Is it real though?

A Left 4 Dead 3 trailer has allegedly been leaked online. The video, which was uploaded by what seems to be a new account on YouTube, appears to be somewhat of a teaser trailer for a possible instalment in the famous survival horror series by developer ,Valve.

At this time, there is no comment on the authenticity of the possible Left 4 Dead trailer thus it is important to view suggestion with some scepticism. However, if the trailer is a fake, it does look to be rather convincing (so props to the creator.) The video, which can be viewed down below, was given no title at all.

Many fans who have watched the video have suggested that it is a clear fake due to a number of reasons. Some include issues with cinematography with some viewers suggesting that some shots have been blended in with the environment in a rather weird manner. The trailer also includes a Pepsi can and a Life cereal box, which some believe to be too odd a product placement effort.

It is important to note that many impressive fake trailers have been created for much anticipated games in the past. One really just has to look through the archives of YouTube to find the dead dreams of some hopeful players. So, it cannot be stressed enough that this possible Left 4 Dead 3 leak must be taken with a grain of salt.

That said though, it would be amazing for Left 4 Dead fans if this leak proves to be true. The last instalment into the famed video game series was released in 2009, and players have been waiting in hot anticipation for the developer to release a sequel. Who knows? Valve may finally get past their inability to count to the number three.

Source: ComicBook