New Pokémon Cafe Opening in Japan

Video game-themed cafes are a pretty popular concept within Japan, with several renowned titles receiving cafe treatment over the past few years. It seems that fans of Pokemon will soon be able to visit some such cafe.

According to their website, Japan’s latest Pokemon Cafe will open its doors on 14 March, with patrons being able to make reservations from 5 March. The website also revealed the contents of the cafe’s menu, which comprises of some interesting theme appropriate dishes, including Pikachu curry and Pikachu lattes, among other items.

Pokemon Cafe.jpg

The newest Pokemon Cafe. (Credit: Pokemon Cafe) 

Those wishing to visit the Pokemon Cafe will need to ensure that they do indeed make a reservation through the restaurant’s website as one is required to be served (although it is possible that this may change in future.) The restaurant will also include a merchandise store where patrons will be able to purchase Pokemon merchandise exclusive to the store.

As previously suggested, this is not the first Pokemon-themed cafe to open in Japan. The country seen has seen two similarly themed cafes open its doors in the past, but both were only temporary establishments, whereas the newest cafe is meant to be a permanent fixture.

So, for Pokemon fans visiting Japan soon, be sure to check out the new cafe. Don’t forget to make a reservation first though.

(Source: Pokemon Cafe via ResetEra)