Ubisoft Releases Trailer Revealing Two New Operators For ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming Outbreak DLC/co-op event will seemingly be introducing several novel aspects to the title and over the past week or so, Ubisoft has released a few details about these new additions. The most recent such detail to be revealed was a trailer featuring the two new playable operators within the Attacker class – Finka and Lion.

Finka is a Spetnaz CBRN specialist whose special abilities allows players to deliver “nanobot shots” to their teammates during the preparation phase of each round. The player will then be able to activate these “nanobots” throughout the round to help their teammates by giving them extra perks (such as a health boost.)

Lion is a GIGN combat rescuer and bio-hazard expert whose special ability entails using a gadget that allows players to survey a particular area in order to determine whether there is any hostile movement.

For those interested in getting to know the two new operators a little bit more, Ubisoft has created extensive biographies for both characters, which is available to read on the publisher’s website.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Outbreak event will begin on 6 March. For more information on the highly-anticipated event, be sure to check out the Six Invitational Finals on the Rainbow Six Twitch channel this weekend as Ubisoft has promised to provide further details. It will be interesting to see how Ubisoft plans on meshing a zombie-type element (in the form of parasites) with the traditional tactical operations of the Rainbow Six series.

(Source: Ubisoft)