Rumour: Lunar New Year Steam Sale To Start Today

Although the Winter Sale only just ended at the beginning of last month, it has been suggested that another Steam sale may be due to take place sooner than many would think. According to a tweet from Steam Database, the next Steam sale will be the Lunar New Year Sale and is due to run from 15 to 19 February.

The tweet went on further to state that this information had been gathered from Steam Direct, which has apparently made it very easy for many to predict when the next Steam sale will take place. It was also suggested that with the service, it can take as little as five hours for newly available details of upcoming sales to be leaked to the public.

The tweet, which was originally posted on 23 January, does not reveal any information regarding which titles will actually be available at discounted prices. Steam Database’s Twitter account has not referenced the sale again since the post. Currently, Valve has also yet to reveal any information regarding a sale set to take place in February. However, it is difficult to use this as support for a sale not taking place as Valve rarely reveals the dates of upcoming sales.

It is important to note that Steam Database is a group that aims in providing more insight into Steam’s actual database, but is in no way affiliated with Valve. The group, however, has in the past provided correct information about several Steam-related developments.

Whether or not a sale will actually take place, remains to be seen. If Steam does indeed have a sale planned, it is somewhat unlikely that the offerings available will be as vast as those seen in the Winter Sale earlier this year with the time between the two sales being relatively short.

However, this prediction could also be incorrect and the sale could contain several popular deals. All that is really known is that when there is a Steam sale going on, no wallet is ever very safe and backlogs seem to show significant growth.

(Source: Steam Database)