‘The Evil Within 2’ Receives First-Person Mode With New Update

There are some who believe that playing through a horror game in first-person leads to a more terrifying experience. A recent update to The Evil Within 2 will now make it possible for players of to test this theory with the title.

In a recent announcement, Bethesda stated that the latest update for The Evil Within 2 has introduced a setting that allows players to switch between first-person and third-person viewpoints at any period in the game, if so desired.

Originally, in its base form, The Evil Within 2 did include a few levels in which a first-person viewpoint was used, but it was only limited to those levels. It was due to the popularity of these levels as well as the significant demand from players that the decision to introduce the new feature was made.

It’s worth stating that those playing the title on PC have already had access to first-person mode for some time now, with users discovering that it was possible toggle the mode through a simple console command soon after the game’s release.

A free trial for The Evil Within 2, which allows new potential players to play through the first few chapters of the game (in first-person or third-person) is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. So, for those who have previously been keen to try the title, now is the optimal time to do so.

(Source: Bethesda)