Two ‘Sea of Thieves’ Xbox One Bundles May Be On The Way

Oftentimes, when a new highly-anticipated exclusive title is released for a particular console, the hardware developer in question will create a new console bundle to promote the title. According to a recent retail listing, it seems that this will also be true for the upcoming Microsoft exclusive, Sea of Thieves (due to be released on 20 March.)

On Monday, a now-deleted listing on the German Amazon page revealed that Microsoft may be planning to release two new Xbox One bundles; each containing a copy of the upcoming Sea of Thieves.

The first bundle, with a set price of €299, included a standard 1TB Xbox One S, one controller, a digital copy of Sea of Thieves, one-month Xbox Live access and a one-month Game Pass subscription. The second bundle, priced at €534.89, was very similar to the first with the exception of the copy of the game being physical instead of digital and the console being a 1TB Xbox One X instead of an S.

After the reveal of the rather exciting Sea of Thieves-themed Xbox controller, many did anticipate a similarly themed Xbox One console to be revealed and thus some have voiced disappointment in these two bundles. It’s important to note that there is still time for such a console to be revealed.

The recent Sea of Thieves beta saw many players praising the game, suggesting that it is fun experience which one should definitely not miss out on. Such high praise should certainly be enough to get some people at least thinking about purchasing an Xbox One, in which case Microsoft will have appropriate deals prepared.

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