Star Wars The Black Series Prototype Boba Fett 6’ Review


When people see my Prototype Boba Fett figure, the first thing they ask is “Why is he all white?”

Well, this is what he looked like while he was being designed. Originally conceived as an elite Stormtrooper, Boba Fett changed over the course of his design period to the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter we know and love today. But before all of that, this is what he was supposed to look like.

The Packaging


The packaging has a very nice window view in the front, so for those who enjoy keeping their figures sealed tight will have a nice view. It comes with a little biography at the back and a really nice Medallion with Boba Fett’s face on the top left of the box in front.

The Accessories

He comes with his sawed-off EE-3 carbine rifle, disruptor pistol and his trusty Jetpack (painted white with some silver paint around the missiles and thrusters)

His pistol can be holstered on his right leg and his jetpack clips into some holes on his back.

The blasters are painted all black, which complements the figure immensely. It really has that monotone Black & White feel to it when he is seen holding his weapons.


The Figure


The figure itself is sculpted perfectly. This is Boba Fett in all likeliness. From his antenna to that distinct dent on his helmet, it’s all there. He also has the Padawan braids around his right arm, painted in white here. The figure isn’t painted one solid white though. There are bits of silver paint in his bright white amour, while the seams in-between his plating are more of a cream colour. His cloth cape is also white and contains silver lines running across it. It is prone to getting stained though, so I’d suggest being careful with it. It feels pretty tight in there, so I doubt it will just fall out unless somebody intentionally rips it out.

The grappling hook on his right arm is the only item that contains any colour. It is painted in a bronze paint which really pops off his arm. Upon closer inspection, one would notice a variety of white paint apps on the figure, especially on his legs between the armour plating and the pants.


As this figure is white, it is prone to dirt stains so regular dusting might be required. There have been times where I wanted to take a photo and would notice a smudge on his helmet or chest and would quickly wipe it off.

It is a good looking figure. Some might argue it is boring due to the lack of colour, but the all white makes Boba Fett look somewhat ominous. He is different from what we are used, but he is far from boring.

The Articulation


He has decent articulation. His head can look up, down, side-to-side and he has some slight neck pivot action for those for brooding head poses that only Boba Fett can pull off. His shoulders move outward and rotate forward. His arm bends at the elbow and has forearm rotation as well as rotating hands which can also swivel. So getting him to point his guns around is not a problem at all. He has an Ab-Crunch joint which moves side-to-side and has some pivot. Although his pouches get in the way of a full on leg kicking pose, it is compensated by the fact that his legs can spread quite far. He has an upper thigh swivel, he bends at the knee (which are double-jointed) and has feet can move up and down with an ankle pivot.

I have managed to get some really nice shots of him holding his guns while scanning the horizons. He is currently displayed on my shelf in a “cocking his rifle” pose.


He stands at six and a half inches tall (15.5cm).

If you are a Boba Fett fan, I highly recommend this figure. Whether you want him to guard your shelf or to take some amazing shots of him, this figure will give you a different take on everyone’s favourite bounty hunter.

I really wish I could travel somewhere with snow. I think some Hoth inspired pictures would suit him well.

If you want to get your paws on this figure, you can do so under the U.S Import Section of (or just click on this link.)