4 Reasons Gamers Are Sceptical About Buying The Xbox One X

One of the biggest moments at  this year was the reveal of the ; the world’s new most powerful Boasting impressive specs and the ability to render images in native , the Xbox One X certainly did have the attention of  across the board.

The console, however, has elicited a somewhat mixed response from gamers, and, rightfully so. There are those who are excited for the new console and cannot wait to get their hands on it and then there are those who believe that releasing such a console at this point in a console lifecycle is rather odd.

The Xbox One X outperforms the original  by a large margin, and due to this fact, comes with quite a hefty price tag. Quite simply, many gamers feel that the Xbox One X and the factors surrounding it doesn’t do enough to justify purchasing it.

So, why exactly are some gamers so sceptical about the new console?

In attempting to answer this question, I came across four regularly stated reasons that most gamers seem to argue when discussing the console.

The Console’s High Price

The Xbox One X will be retailed at $499; a price that many gamers suggest is way too high for a console that is meant to be a mid-generation upgrade.


Because everything costs a fortune nowadays.

Now, you’ll find a lot of people suggesting that one could build a  PC at that price, but in some countries, you would be lucky to get a mid-range , let alone a .

The fact remains though that it has been almost four years since the Xbox One and  were first released. Most gamers are now beginning to look forward towards the next full generation upgrade and may be willing to rather hold out for that or even building a  than buying an Xbox One X or .

It is also important to remember that the big selling point of the Xbox One X is the fact that you can play  in 4K. This doesn’t mean that you need a  to use it, but what is the use of buying it if you don’t own a  that allows you to enjoy its main feature?

Samsung SUHD TV.jpg

Samsung SUHD Televison. (Credit: Samsung)

Personally, in such a situation, I would rather save up for the TV first and then get the console. Perhaps, even by that time, the Xbox One X has already been replaced.

The Xbox One X Has No Exclusives Of Its Own

A lot of gamers do feel that with the price that Microsoft is asking for the Xbox One X and the specs that they are toting around, the console should have some exclusives of its own.

The term ‘’ in this sense refers to a game that you won’t be able to play on the original Xbox One, regardless of whether it is a multi-platform title (meaning then it may also be playable on the PS4 Pro, but not the original ) or a title that is only playable on Xbox One X itself.

Halo 5.jpg

Halo 5. (Credit: 343 Studios)

This is also a problem that plagues the PS4 Pro. One can witness this in the fact that the standard PS4 is still outselling the PS4 Pro.

Some gamers do feel that it is a massive problem that neither of these two consoles have their own games as it depletes the attractivity factor of the new piece of hardware.

At the end of the day, people buy a console to play games and if the same games are playable on all versions of the system, what reason is there to buy the newest version of the system?


I can’t really think of all too many reasons myself.

One could make the argument for 4K gaming, but this is hardly a feature that is attractive enough for most gamers to begin considering an upgrade.

Power Is Not A Substitute For Good Exclusives

On the idea of exclusives, I have seen it suggested on quite a few social media platforms that  chose to compensate the lack of worthwhile exclusive games on their system by creating an exceedingly powerful console.

Although Microsoft did showcase a lot of new exclusive games at their E3 conference, a lot of gamers were quick to point out that most of those games will also largely be available for  as well.

Crackdown 3.jpg

Crackdown 3. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

Then, there was also the fact that many were disappointed that none of the newly revealed exclusive games ( and  were already known to be in development) seemed to be an overly-ambitious triple-AAA title that would appeal to the vast majority of the gaming community.

There are so many hugely popular exclusives on the PS4 that have the ability to edge your decision towards buying a PS4 over an Xbox One, particularly if you already own a gaming PC.

Some gamers do believe that Microsoft made a huge mistake in revealing it without game that was in a similar vein to something like  (which, incidentally, such a title has been revealed to be in development.)

It Will Not Only Be Held Back By The Original Xbox One and PS4, But The PS4 Pro Too


PS4 Pro. (Credit: Sony)

One cannot deny that the general gaming public does view the Xbox One X as Microsoft’s newest plan in attempting to turn the tide of console sales. It is no secret that the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One at a ratio that is almost 3:1.

For all the power that the Xbox One X has, some developers have already noted that having to ensure that titles are playable on the original Xbox One and PS4, as well as even the PS4 Pro, has held them back somewhat in using the full capabilities of the console.

If most developers are truly never really able to make the most of the Xbox One X’s capabilities, then is it really worth getting it? A lot of gamers don’t really seem to think so.


Sea of Thieves.jpg

Sea of Thieves. (Credit: Rare)

It will be interesting to see how the Xbox One X fares when it is eventually released. Although there does seem to be a mixed response to the console at the moment, a very different situation may be apparent when it is actually available to purchase.

A very recent example of such a case was perhaps with the , which a lot of gamers seemed to dismiss when it was first announced. It has, however, sold exceedingly well over the past few months.

Personally, I’m rather undecided on whether to buy an Xbox One X or not. I do own a 4K TV and just quite simply love new hardware, but I can perhaps see myself waiting for the next-generation of consoles to be released as well.

Are you thinking of buying an Xbox One X? Are there any reasons as to why you think people should or shouldn’t buy it? Please share in the comments down below.

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