Is It Really That Easy To Get THAT Ending In The Witcher 3?

When discussing with a group of , it almost seems inevitable that at least one person will mention that he/she received the bad .

In such conversations, I’ve often heard it said that this individual had been enjoying the thinking that they had made all the right choices, but ultimately got the worst possible ending and didn’t quite understand why.

I once read a piece in which the writer got the worst possible ending and the results of this experience basically made him somewhat reluctant to go on playing the packs for the title because they had been so heartbroken, having had put in all of those hours in playing the game and basically receiving no satisfaction from it.

In these discussions, it often seems apparent that the gamers who receive the bad ending often feel that the game tricked them into playing into it. I’ve always felt that this was rather odd.

Is it really that easy for this game to mislead you? I decided to find out by looking at some of the critical moments in deciding the overall ending of the game.

So, What Are All The Possible Endings One Can Receive In The Witcher 3?

Ciri ending

Ciri. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

There are basically three major ending schemes in The Witcher 3, each of which involves a few variations with regards to the different subplots in the story; for example, who rules Redania or who eventually romances.

While I won’t go too much into each variation, the endings with regards to the main aspect of the story (the part that greatly concerns ) are:

  • Ciri as Empress – the ending in which Ciri chooses to become Empress of in order to effect change from a position of power.
  • Ciri as a Witcher – the ending in which Ciri chooses to follow in the steps of Geralt, in becoming a and following the path.
  • Ciri dies (and Geralt probably too) – the ending in which Geralt attempts to take what little revenge he can on the last Crone for Ciri’s death and lands up being surrounded by a horde of .
The Witcher

Geralt. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

How Do You Get Each Ending?

There are five choices that determine the ending you will get in relation to Ciri, which are made only after the Battle at Kaer Morhen.

Most of the pieces I have seen that have covered The Witcher 3 and its story have suggested that your decisions in these areas are often determined by whether or not you have been paying attention to what has really been going on.

Quite a few people have suggested that although you play as Geralt and make decisions with him that determine the outcome of the game, the story is actually really about Ciri and that many players fail to realise this because they aren’t paying close enough attention.

Whether or not this is true, is debatable, as some have put in the counter claim that the game is just as much about Geralt being a good father to Ciri, but if this is true how does one make the correct decisions in these five detrimental choices?

Let’s Have A Look At These Five Decisions:

The First Decision

Geralt thumbs up

The metrosexual fruitcake. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

The first decision comes directly after the Battle at Kaer Morhen, when Ciri has begun training to use her Elder Blood powers. She’s clearly frustrated by the fact that she is struggling to gain full control over them and let’s Geralt know of this frustration, after which he is given a decision on how to console her.

Basically, you have a choice of either saying you don’t have to be good at everything or I think I know what will lift your spirits.

This is the decision that I would say that I have seen most people say is the worst offender when it comes misleading the player as the cut scenes you receive after each choice aren’t all that bad.

So, why is it so terrible to tell Ciri that she doesn’t have to be good at everything? I mean not everyone is; it’s a simple fact of life. Well, basically you’re telling her that it’s okay to not be good at the one thing that she actually does need to be good at.

If the player was paying attention to the narrative, he/she would realise that the entire existence of the world is dependent on Ciri preventing the White Frost, which she can only do if she has proper control of her powers.

The Second Decision

Emhyr Var Emeris

Emhyr Var Emreis. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

The second choice can actually be avoided bearing in mind that this is the difference between seeing Ciri become a witcher or Empress of Nilfgaard and it comes if you decide to go visit Emhyr Var Emreis.

The choice will come in the form of deciding to accept payment for finding Ciri. If you accept, you hurt her feelings and make her feel as if she was nothing more than another contract to you, which is obviously great, you know, when the person in question is your adoptive father.

Far fewer people actually seem to get this choice wrong as it seems that very few people actually care about sending Ciri to meet her real father.

The Third Decision

Philippa and Margarita

Making decisions on the future. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

The third choice is another that many players tend to indicate as very misleading as it comes when Philippa Eilhart and Margarita Laux-Antille want to speak to Ciri to discuss her future plans and Geralt has the choice of accompanying her or not.

Now, while quite a few people say that choosing to accompany her to the meeting is a show of support, they do neglect to realise that by doing so you are preventing Ciri from doing something by herself, holding her hand as she needs to make the tough decisions, which obviously, everybody needs to do by themselves at some point in their life.

Remember that Ciri is going to try prevent the White Frost by herself, so she needs the self-confidence to do things on her own.

The Fourth Decision


Avall’ach. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit:  CD Projekt Red)

The fourth choice comes after Ciri begins to feel that Avall’ach has not been entirely clear with everybody and wants to find out more about him. Geralt, Ciri and travel to the Avall’ach’s lab and are insulted by what they find.

Ciri, obviously hurt by somebody she considered a close friend, gets angry about the situation. Personally, I feel that this is probably the hardest decision and the easiest to get wrong due to the fact that you have the decision of either trying to calm her down or letting her destroy Avall’ach’s possessions.

I cannot really find a motivation as to why you shouldn’t try to calm her down (as by letting her destroy a good friend’s possessions is a good way to ensure that you end the relationship for good), other than the fact that sometimes it’s just good to let people vent.

I guess this just one of those times that you should’ve just let her vent, man.

The Fifth Decision

Skjall grave

Visiting Skjall’s grave. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

The fifth and final choice comes when Ciri wants to visit the grave of Skjall and you have the decision of saying that you should go visit it or that there isn’t enough time to do so. Remember that Skjall is the person that helped Ciri escape the Wild Hunt in Skellige when she was there.

To be honest, I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t go visit the grave as it is sort of actively saying I don’t really want to play this game longer than I have to so I’m going to skip out on this mission.

Really, why wouldn’t you go and visit the grave of a dear friend?

Ciri ending 2

What is the best ending? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. (Credit: CD Projekt Red)

So, after having a brief look at the choices and why exactly you should make decision, is the game really misleading in terms of some of its choices?

Personally, I feel that with the exception of destroying Avalla’ch’s lab, the decisions are pretty damn straight forward, but what do I know? Perhaps, I was just lucky the first time I played the game and got the good ending.

What do you think? Are the choices somewhat misleading and easy to answer incorrectly? Which ending did you get when playing the Witcher 3? Please share in the comments down below.

[Source: Kotaku]

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