A Brief PlayStation E3 Conference Review

I’m a bit late with this review, but ’s conference took place earlier this week and with it, much like ’s conference, came a somewhat mixed response.

The conference only focused on one area – upcoming new . So, anyone who was looking forward to a potential hardware or backwards compatibility announcement was left bitterly disappointed.

Onto a brief overview of the conference, I did like the theatrical nature of the presentation, however, I did find the direct and to the point delivery method a bit odd. It was somewhat weird that there were very few intermission periods, in which, a presenter came out and spoke about a .

However, overall, most of the games presented did look rather interesting.

In this review, I’ll be breaking the content showcased into four categories: /expansions, exclusives, multi-platform games and VR games/experiences.


After the conference, I did see a lot of gamers complaining on social media about the trailers for and ’s: as they felt as if they were advertising content that was going to be released relatively soon.

Lost Legacy.jpg

Uncharted: Lost Legacy. (Credit: Naughty Dog)

I really didn’t understand the logic behind these complaints as technically one can view the entire conference as a massive advertising platform, but the trailers for the two displayed two rather promising experiences.

I will say that I do understand the disappointment in showcasing these two trailers in the sense that these are expansions for games that have already been released and most have already seen quite a bit of information regarding Uncharted: Lost Legacy.


looked really good, but I did have some reservations about the zombie apocalypse setting.

Days Gone 2.jpg

Days Gone. (Credit: SIE Bend Studio)

At this point, many gamers (including myself) are somewhat tired of the overall idea of zombies, but the game looked very interesting, especially due to the fact that the zombies don’t seem to be the main antagonists within the game-world.

Moving on to , I did quite enjoy previous entries into the series and it does seem like there is currently quite a big public interest in exploring the idea of Norse mythology, which in itself makes the game seem very compelling.

I’m very excited to see what sort of story the new entry into the series has to tell and, quite simply, I cannot wait to see whether battling the World Serpent will be one of the formidable boss battles within the game.

World Serpent.png

God of War. (Credit: SIE Santa Monica)

seems to have created both excitement and disappointment amongst gamers. The -style fighting system seems to have a lot of people thinking that it will follow a similar pattern to those games, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – those games are very entertaining.

The quicktime events in attacking some enemies, however, has annoyed some gamers as some do feel that it has removed a bit of the sense of agency in the game.

In terms of exclusives, the remaster definitely did seem to create the biggest stir amongst gamers. Many consider the title to be one of the best games ever released on .

Spider Man.jpeg

Spider-Man. (Insomniac Games)

Personally, I haven’t played the game, but I’m interested to see why so many people hold it in such high regard.

Multi-Platform Games

In terms of the multi-platform titles, I think I was already pretty much sold on when made the decision to return to the World War 2 era. The multiplayer trailer did look very good; I’m very interested to see what all of the killstreaks in action.

’s trailer looked more like an action movie than an actual game. I’m not all that interested in Destiny 2, but it does seem that if you are, you may want to pick it up for if you really do care about exclusive content.

is another series that I have never touched before, but, again, it did seem to create some excitement amongst fans. However, while did look to be compelling, I did have a distinct feeling in the back of my mind while watching the trailer that it was going to be a title that I would probably only buy on sale.

VR Games/Experiences

did seem to place some focus on VR content as there were quite a few and showcased.

Before E3, I did mention that Sony would need to display a game that would make gamers feel that they really can’t afford not to own a headset, but, personally, none of the games that were showcased gave me that feeling.


Skyrim VR. (Credit: Bethesda)

The closest was probably , but at this point, even though I love Skyrim, I’ve bought the game three times and I’m pretty sure I know exactly what there is to find in this province of .

Probably, the most ridiculous of the VR titles/experiences was ’s DLC experience. I didn’t really think that a VR fishing simulator really did need to be showcased, but then again, there could be some games who just can’t wait to play it.


Overall, I don’t think Sony’s conference was all that bad as most of the titles that they showcased looked very compelling.

Shadow of the Colossus.jpg

Shadow of the Colossus. (Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

I do think that a lot of people expected some sort of retaliation to the and thus were rather disappointed that there were no new hardware announcements.

I did see various different complaints of the selection of trailers shown. Some gamers want more footage from other titles that are known to be in development, such as , and then others felt that too much footage of games we already some information on were shown.

Personally, while I did enjoy Sony’s conference, I was a bit underwhelmed by both the and showcases this year. However, at least we did get to see a lot of new games at both conferences.

What did you think about Sony’s E3 conference? Are there any games that really piqued your interest? Please share in the comments down below.

Watch Sony’s E3 2017 conference here: