A Brief Microsoft Xbox E3 Conference Review

Microsoft’s showcase took place yesterday and there were a lot of exciting and disappointing aspects that can be discussed.

Seeing as the actual conference is over an hour long, I decided to draft a brief overview that discusses both the positive and negative points of the three main aspects of the conference; the new () information, the 42 new announced (22 of which were exclusives) and then the decision to extend the Xbox One’s feature to include original Xbox games.

Xbox One X: Price And Release Date

Project Scorpio finally received a name, price and release date. Xbox One X will be released on 7 November 2017 and will cost $499.

I’ve noticed a rather mixed response to this announcement in the fact that there’s quite a few who are indeed excited for the and then there are others who are a bit more critical and really force hardware developers to answer the question, “Why should I want this?”

A lot of the detractors of the new console are saying that it is very expensive – almost expensive enough to warrant just waiting till you have enough money to buy a , if you are indeed in the market for an upgrade.

Then, there is also the fact that the Xbox One X (as well the ) does not have any exclusive games. All of the announced titles will be available on the original Xbox One as well Xbox One X, so the only thing you’re really missing out on is a better-quality image if you choose not buy it, it seems.


Xbox One X. (Credit: Microsoft)

Yes, it does have a few other bells and whistles, like a Blu-Ray player, but as Microsoft has decided to acknowledge recently, the main reason people buy consoles is to play games.

Honestly, I do own a and PS4 Pro and you do begin to notice a difference between the two consoles in terms of graphics if you use the Pro for an extended period of time and then go back to the base console.

However, I do believe that if you don’t have the two consoles to switch between frequently, you could definitely argue that the differences between the two become a lot less noticeable to the average gamer.

Forza 7.jpg

Forza Motorsport 7. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

In the same way that the PS4 Pro does not make up the largest percentage of new PS4s sold, I don’t really think that Xbox One X will make the bulk number of new Xbox Ones sold.

Games, Games, Games (And More EXCLUSIVE Games)

Microsoft showcased a total of 42 new games, with a total of 22 being console, even if only for a limited time.

I saw quite a few people make the comment that it seems that Microsoft went around the world, signing timed-exclusivity contracts with a lot of indie developers in order to deal with their supposed exclusive problem.

The Darwin Project.jpg

The Darwin Project. (Credit: Scavengers Studio)

Regardless of how you feel about this idea, a lot of the games did look very interesting. I will suggest that it does seem that no new unseen exclusives were announced.

Most gamers had already seen some information, whether announcement information, images or trailers, for and , and so admittedly one did expect to see trailers for those titles.

Personally, I am really excited for and Crackdown 3. I can really see myself getting into the social aspects of these two games (I’m just hoping that Sea of Thieves has sea shanties.)

Sea of.jpg

Sea of Thieves. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

Overall in terms of announcements, I did find it a bit disappointing that I was somewhat more interested in the big multi-platform titles, such as and Anthem, than most exclusive titles.

I mean Microsoft is trying to get me to upgrade my Xbox One to an Xbox One X and if I already have a console that can run these titles in 4K (even if it’s ), why should I buy another one, if not to see the amazing exclusives?

However, with regards to multi-platform titles, is the title that was supposedly focusing on instead of and thus this gives me faith that it is going to be an absolutely amazing game as Bioware games generally are.

Going Back To The Beginning: Original Xbox Games On Xbox One


Xbox One Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Announcement.

To be entirely honest, this was probably the announcement that I was least concerned about, in terms of a personal level, but I am interested to see how the general Xbox One install base makes use of it.

Last week, an Ars Technica study suggested that only 1.5% of the time spent on Xbox One was spent on backwards compatible titles. Microsoft then came out and defended the feature, stating that a total of 508 million hours had been spent on backwards compatible games by the 51% of the Xbox One install base that used the feature.

I’m not entirely sure about how much gamers actually use the feature, but I’ll definitely say that I don’t really make all that much use of it. I do find I difficult to go back and want to play older , when there’s so many new games coming out that I want to play all the time.


Fable. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

I do know, however, that there are a lot of gamers out there that are very excited for the feature and thus it will be interesting to see which games most gamers would actually like to play again.


Overall, some may view my analysis as somewhat negative, but I’d rather like to say that I’m being cautiously optimistic with all of the new information Microsoft provided gamers at their .

Microsoft did make a lot of really cool announcements made this year and I can’t wait to play some of these new games.

Crackdown 3.jpg

Crackdown 3. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

I might hold out on an Xbox One X at launch, but knowing myself, I’ll probably land up buying it sometime due to my endless need to let my addiction part me from my money.

What was your favourite announcement at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 showcase? Are you excited for the Xbox One X? Which new title are you looking most forward to? Please share in the comments down below.

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