What Do Gamers Want To See At Sony’s E3 Showcase?

With around the corner, a lot of have been stating exactly what they would like to see from the biggest hardware and software producers in the industry at the conference.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a piece covering what gamers would really like to see at ’s Xbox showcase this year, thus I thought the natural progression would be to then cover what gamers would like to see from Sony’s showcase.

So, what do gamers what to see at Sony’s E3 2017 PlayStation showcase?

In attempting to answer this question, I summarized what most gamers generally tend to say they want from on public forums in four points.

1. New Hardware

Most gamers seemingly want to see some sort of new hardware from Sony, either in response to or the .

Although I don’t really think that Sony will be announcing this year, especially so soon after the release of the , I do think that there is a small chance that we may see some new hardware in the form of a device.

Handheld patent.gif

New Sony handheld console patent. (Credit: Sony)

A few months ago, it was revealed that Sony filed a patent for a handheld device eerily similar to the Nintendo Switch in 2015 and many feel, due to this fact, that this device or some other handheld console is due to be revealed by Sony in the near future.

The Switch has been doing very well, actually being the highest selling console in a few countries last month. Some believe that this is solely due to the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is such a fantastic and that most gamers would probably not have been as interested in the console otherwise, but at this present moment, it does not seem as if Nintendo’s good fortunes with the console is going to end any time soon.

The didn’t sell all too well, so Sony might be a little apprehensive to invest in another handheld device, but a device in the line of the Nintendo , but more powerful may still yield better results. The Vita was released in 2011, so many do believe that it is the perfect time for Sony to announce its successor.

PS Vita.jpg

PlayStation Vita. (Credit: Sony)

The potential for the announcement of new hardware at E3 always creates great excitement, thus it is understandable as to why some gamers may be speculating about a or new handheld announcement.

2. New VR Content

Many gamers were excited when was first released, but it definitely seems that a lot of this excitement has died down somewhat.

Playstation VR.png

PlayStation VR. (Credit: Sony)

There was another spike in interest in Sony’s when was first released as many wanted to know what it would be like to play an exceptional horror title through the use of VR, but since then, it doesn’t seem as if there are any other worthwhile reasons to pick up the headset.

I was very interested in purchasing a PlayStation VR headset when they were first released, but I didn’t really have the funds to do it at the time and haven’t really seen any real games that I would just need to experience in .

A lot of gamers, including myself, feel that it would be amazing to see Sony announce a few new titles or experiences that make exclusive use of the VR headset and also make you feel as if you just need to buy the headset in order to play the game.


Resident Evil 7. (Credit: Capcom)

Hopefully, we do see some announcement with regards to PlayStation VR as it would be very sad to see the product go down a similar road to that of the PS Vita.

3. New Service or Improvements to Existing Services

If there is one area that Microsoft definitely seems to be excelling in, it is that of providing users with several new and exciting services.

A very new service that just recently became available to Xbox Live subscribers is that of Game Pass, which is an affordable Netflix-style game subscription service.Basically, those with an Xbox Live Game Pass subscription will have access to download and play a number of different titles for a monthly subscription fee.

Xbox Live Game Pass.jpg

Xbox Live Game Pass. (Credit: Microsoft)

Gamers will be able to play games available with this service for as long as they maintain a subscription and the title remains available on the set list.

There is already a very similar service available on PlayStation in the form of . One of the reasons it was supposedly created was as an answer to the backwards compatibility issue on PS4; an issue that Microsoft seems to have dealt with regards to the Xbox One.

PlayStation Now is quite an expensive service and only allows users to stream games rather than download them. It is a service, however, that allows players to stream PlayStation games on their devices if they choose to do so too.

PlayStation Now.jpg

PlayStation Now. (Credit: Sony)

Although I feel that any hopes for backwards compatibility features on the PS4 are long gone or dead at this point, it would be great if Sony would make the service that allows users to stream both and PS4 games on select devices cheaper, as well as allowing for the option to download games too.

It was recently announced that an overhaul would be made to the PlayStation Plus service in June, so it will be interesting to see whether these changes may extend to PlayStation Now or may even mean extending the benefits of to include similar benefits to that of .

4. Footage of New Exclusives

I think arguably the aspect of E3 that gamers get most excited for is the reveal and display of new games currently in development.

God of War.png

New God of War title. (Credit: SIE Santa Monica)

There is a whole load of new exclusives lined-up for owners and it would be great to see some new footage from some of them, which is sure to happen at E3.

I can say that two games that I would definitely like to see more of is that of the untitled sequel and then the new title; both of which don’t really seem to have release dates as of yet.

Keeping A Good Thing Going…

Sony has had a good few years with the PS4 due to a various number of reasons. The only reason that really features on this list that has attributed to that fact is the availability of worthwhile exclusives.

PS4 exclusives 2

PlayStation 4 exclusives. (Credit: Sony)

While good exclusives do sell a number of consoles, I don’t think that it’s the only requirement in maintaining a good relationship with consumers – making gamers want to own your product.

I do think that if Sony is to maintain the lead that they have crafted for themselves in terms of the console sales war, then perhaps new features for gamers, regardless of whether it is in the form of hardware, services or games will be required.

All that I can say really is that I hope Sony has a good E3 and that the announcements made result in great excitement.

What do you want to see from Sony at E3 this year? Do you think that they will announce new hardware? Please share in the comments down below.

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