Bring On The Xbox Exclusives: What Do Gamers Want To See From Xbox’s E3 Showcase This Year?

When it comes to within the industry, there isn’t really a single overarching opinion within the gaming community. Some absolutely hate the idea because part of the community will not be able to gain access to the title because they don’t have the correct hardware to play said title.

Other gamers love them because they feel that it pushes up the quality of at least a select number of video games as essentially some of these titles are being crafted with the aim of selling a particular brand of hardware.

Regardless of how you feel about exclusives or exclusive content, there is no denying that they do play a factor in some gamers’ decision to invest in a particular system as a sales comparison of the and as well as the overall performance of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in boosting  sales seems to suggest this.

It is safe to say that the Xbox One has pretty much suffered from an exclusive title problem for some time now. The cancellation of earlier this year brought this problem once again into the limelight and a lot of gamers were left feeling that there isn’t really an exclusive title that has created the perception of ‘this is why you need to own an Xbox One.’

As prepares to release at the end of this year, they have recognised the fact that the Xbox One doesn’t quite have as many exclusives titles as console owners might have liked and have stated that they plan to rectify this situation by promising an upcoming announcement of new exclusives to be revealed soon.

A lot of gamers do think that Microsoft will finally make good on these promises at next month and this kind of got me thinking about what sort of exclusives the gaming community overall want to see from Microsoft in order to want to invest in Project Scorpio.

Exclusives Maketh The Console


When it comes down to it, quite simply it’s not insane to suggest that the has a lot more to offer with regards to exclusive titles than the Xbox One does.

This year alone has seen the release of several exclusive titles of different genres on the PS4, such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata, Nioh and Persona 5, that many claim to be of quality and appeal to a wide variety of different gamers.

There are two very important ideas to take from the previous statement. Firstly, there are a variety of games of different genres available that appeal to a variety of different gamers, meaning that at least one of these titles may increase a gamer’s interest in purchasing a PS4.


Nioh. (Credit: Team Ninja)


Secondly, these games are garnering high acclaim from both reviewers and the general public because they are good. Cinematic and gameplay trailers of newly released titles is enough to pique one’s interest, but it is ultimately the positive buzz surrounding a title that eventually pushes one to buy said title.

If game after game is creating such situation, it makes sense that one will choose to invest in a particular console.

Microsoft needs to ensure that the Xbox Project Scorpio gets a similar treatment in terms of a wide variety of good games being released consistently in order to create a situation where gamers feel that there is a significant reason to invest in the console.

New IP Is Very Important To Gamers

Horizon Zero Dawn.jpeg

Horizon Zero Dawn. (Credit: Guerrilla Games)

It is important to note that some of the more critically acclaimed exclusives released on PS4 so far this year, such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Nioh, are also entirely new works of intellectual property (), which often does create great excitement within the gaming community.

People want to explore new worlds and discover the secrets of as of yet unknown stories because this practice often makes very familiar gaming tropes feel new again.

For example, despite Horizon Zero Dawn containing elements that were very reminiscent of a title in the form of collectables and structures to climb in order to gain a full view of a map area, it didn’t really feel like work to complete these tasks as it has begun to feel in an Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry title.

One could argue that Microsoft does have established exclusive IPs with a massive amount of brand power behind them, such as with Halo and Gears of War, and that these brands sell consoles, but in this day and age a lot of gamers have begun to place more value on innovation and the creation of new IPs than the safety of tried and trusted brands and ideas.


Halo Master Chief Collection. (Credit: Microsoft Studios)

This was quite evident in the fact that both Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 sold less than any other entry within those two-respective series.

I am not saying that Microsoft should stop making Halo or Gears of War titles, but rather that new games that aren’t shooters and explore new dynamics will be a very welcome addition to the Xbox One’s existing line-up and may push some gamers to invest in Project Scorpio.

Microsoft Is Actually Listening To Gamers

The Xbox One hasn’t been performing as well as the PS4 (despite the fact that it is still performing better than the Xbox 360 in the same amount of time), but Microsoft has been listening to gamers and in turn has been working towards giving gamers exactly what they want.

Game Pass.jpg

Xbox Live Game Pass.

does seem as it may be a definite game changer in terms of the console market and it does seem as if Microsoft is committed to giving people a reason to buy it by developing new exclusives that you’ll want to play, as they have stated as much.

Whether or not this will actually happen, remains to be seen, but I really hope that it does, which makes me very excited for Microsoft’s Xbox showcase at E3 next month.

Do you place great value on exclusive games? What sort of new exclusives would you like to see Microsoft announce at E3 this year? Please share in the comments down below.

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