Infinite Borefair: 5 Reasons Why Nobody Seems To Like Infinite Warfare


There is no denying that probably one of the most popular activities on the internet when it comes to #gaming is to spread hate about the massively popular #CallofDutyseries. Despite the series often being proclaimed as the bane of present day gaming, it has still sold rather well. That is until #InfiniteWarfare came out.

Infinite Warfare performed rather badly by Call of Duty standards when it was first released, only selling about half of what #BlackOps3 did in the first week. So, why are #gamers suddenly deciding to show that they are fatigued with Call of Duty if they have been claiming such for the past five or so years and doing nothing about it?

With exception of Call of Duty 2, I have bought every single title in the series and have largely almost always been able to find some small reason to play each title. Perhaps, the title had a fun co-op mode, or I thought I could earn all of the trophies/achievements available in the game or I didn’t have 12 year olds screaming at me in multiplayer all the time.


However, with regards to Infinite Warfare, I have quite simply not been able to find any redeeming factors, whatsoever. It is for this reason that I decided to list five reasons why I (and perhaps many others too) really just #hate this title.

It Is Set Too Far Into The Future

The Call of Duty series has been playing with the idea of wars set in the future since the release of #ModernWarfare in 2007, the campaign of which was set in 2011, but since then each title has gone progressively further and further into the future with regards to settings.

Modern Warfare 2 was set in 2016 (but released in 2009), Modern Warfare 3 was set in 2017 (but released in 2011), Black Ops 2 switched between a 1980s and 2025 setting, Ghosts was set in 2017 (but released in 2013), Advanced Warfare was set in 2054, Black Ops 3 was set in 2065 and Infinite Warfare was simply set in the far distant future.


Perhaps, the reasons that the Call of Duty has moved so far into the future is that developers of the #series feel that they have done all they can within the present setting and thus decided to see what they could do with far #future settings.

However, this has proved to be a rather negative decision. Not many gamers enjoyed the idea of boost jumps in Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3, despite the fact that they helped increase the speed of #gameplay.

Many gamers were extremely excited when Infinite Warfare was teased with the term #bootsontheground early on into its marketing campaign, but then the far future setting was revealed and gamers reacted negatively.

Operation Enduring Freedom

Gamers quite simply want Call of Duty games to go back to a more relatable time period; a time period which they know at least a little something about even if they didn’t live in that time period.

It is highly likely that this is one of the main reasons that #Battlefield1 garnered such a positive response from gamers when it was first revealed, as gamers were perhaps able to relate to the setting due to the fact that they may know a few things about the First World War.

The Call of Duty series will definitely need to start becoming more relatable to present day wars as opposed to #StarWars if it is to regain some of the mass popularity that it once had.

Boring Kill Streaks And Rigs


I had a lot fun customising my character in Black Ops 3 and using the #specialistabilities associated with each character. I got excited about using my Kinetic Armor to go on unstoppable #killstreaks or using Overdrive to impossibly kill an enemy at a high speed even though this person saw me first.

Quite simply, there is none of this excitement in Infinite Warfare. Most matches I land up not even using my specialist ability because I honestly could care less for it. I will admit that I did have some fun at first with the #SteelDragon, but that was only because other players kept on running into my beam by accident rather than my actual ability to play the game well.

Most gamers want to get #excited about playing a multiplayer title. You want to get happy about getting particular killstreaks or using a particular class, but there isn’t really any of that in Infinite Warfare. There’s just #rage.

Empty Co-Op Mode


Ironically, the #Zombies mode is something that many gamers have praised within Infinite Warfare due to the creative approach that #InfinityWard has taken with the game mode. I have somewhat struggled with this game mode.

The last four Call of Duty titles I purchased quite simply for the co-op game modes. I love Zombies, I love #Survival and I tolerated #Extinction. Over the years, through playing these game modes, I have also made quite a few online friends that I have been able to share a load of good gaming experiences with.

Due to the fact that very few gamers like Infinite Warfare, very few gamers are playing it. This means that on local servers where I live, finding multiplayer matches takes longer than what you would like it to and that finding a Zombies match is almost near impossible if it is not the release day of a new DLC.

The Convoluted Storyline That Nobody Cares About


‘Member the days when gamers actually used to care about the Call of Duty campaign mode? I ‘member.

Ask anybody about one of the saddest moments in gaming and it is highly likely that one the moments they will list is that of John “Soap” MacTavish dying in Modern Warfare 3. The reason for this is that gamers actually played the Call of Duty campaign because they thought it was a good.

Gamers couldn’t wait for the next installment in both the Modern Warfare series and the #BlackOps series to come out. Nowadays, however, I salute you if you’ve actually been able to make it to the end of the campaign.


Acclaimed actors, such as #KevinSpacey in Advanced Warfare and #KitHarington in Infinite Warfare, were not even enough to make many want to play the Call of Duty campaign because the story is still largely nonsensical.

Really, can anybody please tell me what is going on in the Black Ops 3 campaign? As it was basically due to the fact that I didn’t care much for the campaign mode in that title as well as that of Advanced Warfare that I simply decided to skip out on that of Infinite Warfare’s at the first sign of it having a convoluted nature.

The Insane Price Tag On The Game


So, if you wanted to play #ModernWarfareRemastered, you had to buy the Legacy Edition of the title which was slightly above the price of a normal video game title. However, if you wanted to buy Infinite Warfare with Modern Warfare Remastered with the season pass, all of a sudden Infinite Warfare’s price rose to almost double what one would pay for a brand-new video game.

I love Call of Duty and everything, but to request so much from a single individual is somewhat ridiculous and greedy. To be honest, I probably wouldn’t even own this game had my brother I share my PlayStation 4 with not bought it.

If I can say one thing about the high price for this title, it is that I definitely won’t be buying future Call of Duty titles if they maintain it.

Do you dislike Infinite Warfare? If so, what are the reasons? Do you think you any other reasons should have been included on this list? Please share in the comments down below.

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