Top 5 Worst Types of Players in Battlefield 1

What is there to say about #Battlefield1? It is a great #game, which offers an encapsulating FPS experience, and has renewed a large interest in historical #warsettings within the #FPS genre.

The game has outsold both of its last two predecessors and currently maintains a strong active community, which could perhaps not be said for all of the popular FPS titles released at the end of 2016.

It is for all of these reasons that it is probably the first core multiplayer title that I’ve taken a strong interest in, in some time (Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies excluded).


With all that said, the amount of time that I’ve spent playing the game has also afforded me the opportunity to note some of the most some annoying parts about it; in particular, some of the other players.

Every Battlefield 1 player would agree that there are certain types of players that you just don’t want on your team.

It was after losing a Conquest match 570 to 1000 with a team filled with players who cared more about their K/D than the objective that I decided to list the #topfive of the #worst types of #players that you’ll find in Battlefield 1.

People Who Don’t Know How To Use Vehicles (Tanks, Planes and Boats)


You’ve just got into a match and you’re losing, but there’s still an opportunity to win. You’re pretty good in the Fighter planes, so you decide to spawn in one to try make an impact in the game.

What you didn’t know was that the player who originally decided to spawn as the pilot of this aircraft was only using it to get to the farthest part of the map and thus proceed to die in an accident soon after spawning in the plane.

The vehicles in Battlefield 1, if used correctly, have the possibility of ensuring a team’s victory. We have all had one of those matches where a #tank (friendly or hostile) was able to ensure that you won objectives or maintained them.

Quite plainly, it’s terrible when people waste the resources that the game is providing you with which to defeat your enemy. This is especially true if you know that you would have been able to use that vehicle to the fullest extent and make a difference in the match.

Support Players That Don’t Drop Ammo


You’re trying to kill that enemy tank located on that one objective your entire team seems so determined to take. You’ve run out of Anti-Tank Grenades and used your AT Rocket gun, but the tank is still somehow alive.

There are five support players running around you, so you call for ammo but basically die waiting for it.

It seems that there is no middle ground when it comes to support players. Either you have players spamming ammo drops (often at the beginning of matches when nobody actually needs it) or you have players who just used the class to play with the big machine gun that can shoot down planes.

Gas Grenade Spammers


You’ve decided to try and take Objective C on Giant’s Head, knowing that it is closely connected to Objective D. As you’re taking C, the enemy team decided to take D. Soon both teams are rushing towards the small area in between the two objectives and the next thing you know the place is filled with both enemy and friendly gas.

When the title first came out, any player who threw gas seemed to injure both their teammates and enemy players. Many players thought that the #gasgrenades didn’t discriminate on who they killed.

The problem, however, actually isn’t that friendly gas injures teammates but rather that one is incapble of telling the difference between friendly and enemy gas, meaning that sometimes you may waste time putting on your gas mask at critical moments, which could result in death.

Medics That Don’t Revive


You’ve just cleared the objective of four enemy players. You know there’s still one left, but your last conflict left you with about ten health. You didn’t go looking for that last enemy, but he found you and has decided to avenge his teammates.

Not to worry though, there are six of your teammates on the objective; two of which are #medics. They’ll revive you, right? Wrong! It’s more likely that they’ll just run over your body to the next objective even though all of the enemies on the objective have now been killed.

Yes, the medic class probably has got the best weapons in the game, but it has first aid kits and syringes too. Medics are there to revive fallen players and heal injured ones. There is nothing worse than a medic who doesn’t revive you when they had a clear opportunity to do so.

With that said, it is also important for many players to remember that being revived is also dependent on where and how you died. If there are five enemy players in the bunker you stupidly entered and a medic outside of it, it is somewhat understandable why this player doesn’t want to revive you. It’s a death trap for both players.

Poor Squad Leaders


You’re about to respawn and see that one of your squad mates is taking an objective. You decide to spawn in on him. Next thing you know, your entire squad is on the objective. You request an order. Nothing happens. You request it again, but again nothing happens.

You’ve now taken the objective and missed out on the ‘Attack Order Completed’ points. Your squad leader actually hasn’t given any orders the entire match and you’re starting to become rather annoyed about the lack of your team’s coordination as well as all the points you’re missing out on.

It is important to remember that in Battlefield 1 it is easier to take objectives as a group rather than as a single player. A #squadleader is supposed to coordinate which area the squad heads to next. If they fail to provide an order, the only reason to be in the squad is to have people to spawn on when you die.

The bottom line is if you don’t know how to lead or don’t want to have to set objectives, make someone else squad leader.

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Are there any types of Battlefield 1 players that you dislike and should have been included on this list? Please share in the comments down below.