Want-It Wednesday: A standalone Call of Duty Zombies title

cod-zombies-2014I’m not a huge fan of Call of Duty. I do own multiple Call of Duty titles but I definitely wouldn’t say that it is my favourite video game.

A core component of the first-person shooter experience is dealing with the competitive community of players. Now you see, I don’t really mind competition but I really don’t like people cussing me out every time I kill them or perform particularly badly (being the reason the team lost really).

The truth is that I’m not good at multiplayer first-person shooters. I’ll never deny it, but it is tough to love a game that keeps on kicking your teeth in. One of the sole reasons I did enjoy Star Wars: Battlefront (gasp!) was that the multiplayer experience was not as hard on casual first-person shooter players as Call of Duty or Battlefield is.

So why do I keep on buying these accursed games?


I am in love with the COD Co-op modes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Survival (Modern Warfare 3), Extinction (Ghosts) or Zombies (Black Ops series), I love it and I spend tons and tons of hours playing it.

I love co-op mode because it allows it gives you the social experience of multiplayer without the competitive nature. All the members of your team are working towards the same goal and having a load of fun while doing it.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t ever get angry with people in this mode (woe to the players who stash all the points and don’t open any doors) but you aren’t fighting against another person. It’s your team against COM, which allows you to devise and enact strategies in which to defeat the opponent. It requires patience, communication and luck.

Some of my best gaming experiences have come from co-op mode; I have made several friends playing co-op mode and I continue to spend hours playing co-op mode.

Now, it should really be no surprise that my favourite version of COD is Zombies. The amount of time I have spent playing Zombies is ridiculous. It’s the attempts to finish the Easter Egg, the attempts to get to extremely high rounds and the attempts to troll with your friends just for the sake of doing so.

It is my love for co-op and Zombies mode that makes me want Activision to release a standalone COD Zombies title. It can just be a remaster of all the old maps, it’s fine (primary console gamer here) but I really just want to be able to spend some more time playing a whole load of different maps with my friends.

I have heard rumours of a possible COD Zombies title collecting all of the maps into a single game being in the works, but so far it just seems to be a rumour.

Maybe Activision will someday this call, but for now I guess I’ll just have to stick to the maps on Black Ops 3. At least there is still one more DLC to go…

If you have anything you would really like to see made, please feel free to share it either in the comments below or tweet me @UndisputedGam1